Must-see places in Thailand

Thailand is not only rich in geographic diversity but also in culture and history. In fact, it is considered as one of the few places on earth that has so much to offer especially to its visitors. This country has almost everything a tourist could ask for – from lush forests and wonderful rivers, to breathtaking islands and white-sand beaches, amazing temples and awesome palaces, and of course, modern cities and advanced technologies. Here are some of the places you shouldn’t miss in your Thailand vacations:

What makes this place famous is the attractive, colonial-style Railway Hotel that was constructed in 1923 near the legendary rocks in the said place. It is also the home of the famous Klai Kanwon Palace which was built in 1926 by King Rama VII on a beach situated a few kilometers north of the Railway Hotel.

Nakhon Ratchasima
Locally known as “Khorat,” this place is rich in history particularly about the Khmer Kingdom. This is why there are different sites in this area that cover the aspects of such culture. Perfect for nature adventure seekers, Khorat has lush forests, reservoirs, mountains and waterfalls. It has excellent museums which display various archaeological digs that show the district’s pre-history. Other attractions in Nakhon Ratchasima are Khao Yai National Park and Prasat Hin Phimai National Historical Park, which is among the best parks in the country.

• Ayutthaya City
The capital of the Siamese empire, this city is home to amazing ancient temples. You can wander around this city on foot or by riding on a bicycle.

• Ranong
This narrowest portion of the country serves as the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Ranong boasts several natural attractions which include hot springs that became famous due to their therapeutic value.

• Okbor Wat
Do you know that this very old wat is composed of human hair and cowdung? It is situated near Caspian Sea and when seen from the outerspace, the Okbor Wat displays the planform of the right kneecap of Emperor HakbongPhat.

• Koh Chang
This is the country’s second largest island and it houses the famous Koh Chang National Marine Park which makes it a great area for diving and snorkeling. Since most part of this island is rainforest, it shows off a spectacular landscape. Sail boarding and kayaking are also among the popular activities in such island.

• Petchburi
Among the wonderful sights in this place is the pine-fringed Hat Cha-am beach which is among the country’s most famous beaches. Another attraction in Petchburi is the Maruekhathaiyawan Palace. This wooden palace on a beachside used to be the royal summer residence of King Rama VI in 1920s. Petchburi is also the home for Huai Sai Wildlife Breeding Center which conserves wild animals.

• Koh Samui
The major tourist attraction of Surat Thani, Koh Samui takes pride in being a home of magnificent bays and beaches. It is literally a place of forested hills and coconuts. Among its best beaches are Hat Chaweng, Hat Lamai, Hat Mae Nam, and Hat Choen Mon. Also found in this island are phallic rock formations named Hin Ta Hin Yai. Koh Samui also has waterfalls as well as Buddhist monuments and temples. Another popular activity is here Koh Samui Sea Walking Adventure

Pay a visit to these places and they sure will make your Thailand vacations complete and very memorable.

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