Lost Paradises

It is not always that you find heaven on earth. And it is not always that you could have a place where there existed some of the most amazing destinations. India is a land of cities, beautiful structures. Embarking on a journey to this lovely land would reveal that it also has cities which have thrived in the past. Let us get to know some of the amazing beaches and lost Indian cities. A lost city is an enchanting experience and India is no exception to this.


This lost Indian city is one of the best and intriguing cities. It is said that the city is a major archaeological find in the Indus Valley zone. Discovered in the year 1954, this city was excavated a year later and the revelations are intriguing. There are trenches, nullahs, channels and many gullies belonging to the river. Having the dubious distinction of being the earliest dock in the entire world, this was a trade centre for the African countries and West Asia. The bead making practice of this region still exists even today here.


The next in the 7 lost Indian cities is the town of Puhar in the south eastern part of India in the state of Tamil Nadu. Also known as Kaveripattinam this was a port city and also the capital of the famous Indian Chola dynasty. Certainly an important trade centre due to the presence of the River Kaveri, ships have come here and docked with lovely commodities. Indian literature, songs, heroic epics and valiant deeds have been motioned in works of the Silapathikaram as also Manimekalai. Maybe a tsunami caused this city to die and the town got extinct in the process.

Vijayanagara Empire

Situated at Hampi this World Heritage Site, was a place of the princes of the Indian dynasty Sangama. It was founded by Bukka Raya I and Harihara I in the year 1336. It was the erstwhile capital of the Vijayanagar city a powerful empire in India. This city was ruled by the valiant Indian king Krishnadeva Raya who ruled it during the golden empire. This region was once a beautiful city with the rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna running through it. With ancient markets and temples, this city was a beautiful city of the past.

These lost cities got destroyed either due to catastrophes or due to some calamity. Today they are revered as Heritage sites or have been transformed into museums or art galleries.


This ancient lost city in the Southern Coast of India generally got washed out over the years due to a massive earthquake in the middle of the 13th century. Lying somewhere near the River Periyar in the state of Kerala, there are archaeological proofs which show that there was lot of trading activity here with Near East and West Asia. It was earlier known as Pattanam and it is also believed that Thomas Apostle visited this place.

Periyar River

With such lost cities in tow, India certainly is a land of mystical elements and intriguing regions. Visit these areas to know how.

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