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It is so rewarding to explore Bangkok together as a family. Some of the things that can broaden the horizon of both the old and young ones include seeing new things and facts about history and culture.  However, Bangkok derives its unsavory reputation from its districts that are full of raunchy red lights. Nonetheless, one can avoid the red light districts through planning carefully with regard to where to stay and the kind of hotels to select from. Apart from the red light districts, there are three go-go bar districts in Bangkok that are quite self-contained. The neighborhood of Chitlom forms the best place for families to stay while in Bangkok. Chitlom is an ideal place due to numerous reasons. For example, major shopping malls and departmental stores can be found in this region with the shopping malls located both in and around Chitlom.

Some of the shopping malls that one will come across while in the region include the Central World, Siam Paragon, Gaysorn, MBK and Siam Square among many others. Similar to malls that are found in the west, the Bangkok shopping malls have many activities that can suit the recreational needs of the family. Examples of such activities include ice skating, bowling and watching movies. Siam Paragon for instance contains an aquarium in its lower regions. This constitutes a way that is very ideal for families to spend their time especially during a time like a hot afternoon.

Besides, Chitlom has numerous family friends too. The three main hotels that serve this purpose are Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri, Arnoma hotel and Novotel Siam Square. When you have very young children, the recommended hotel is the Grand Centre Point Ratchadamri. Within this hotel there is an inbuilt play ground whose floors are padded. The older kids have their provision too; a massive pool. Everyone else can enjoy their time at the kiddie pool. After all play, there is an opportunity for everybody to and watch movies from a superb collection of available DVD movies. This takes place from the personal home movie in the hotel.

On the other hand, Novotel Siam square is ideal for those whose family members comprises of shopaholics. The Siam Paragon is very close to the Novotel Siam Square and also to the MBK shopping center where there is bargaining among many items. Moreover, Chitlom BTS sky train station is close to all these hotels. A better way to get the family around some of the most famous places in Bangkok like the Chatuchak weekend market is by using the Sky train. Chitlom is at the center of the big Bangkok city where someone’s family can enjoy staying due to numerous family activities present. Most importantly, Chitlom is not anywhere near the red-light districts.

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